Young mum Sasha Kennedy downs almost SIX GALLONS of water every day

Young mother 26, drinks 25 LITRES of water a day… but doctors have no idea whySasha Kennedy downs almost six gallons during a 24-hour periodThe mother-of-two – who says she has no health problems – wakes up several times a night to sip water and go to the toiletShe claims to have left a job because the quality of the company's tap water was not good enough | UPDATED: 14:10 GMT, 11 July 2012 A young mother has revealed her bizarre addiction to drinking water – downing up to 25 litres per day.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee marked by amazing aerial pictures showing Britain from above

Bird”s eye Britain: Amazing collection of aerial photographs showing nation from above released to mark the Jubilee year. This brilliant new collection of aerial photographs giving a spectacular bird”s eye view of Britain from above has been released to mark the Queen”s Jubilee year.

NHS patients discharged at night to free up hospital beds

Scandal of NHS patients sent home in the middle of the night to 'free up hospital beds' Some 3.5 per cent of all hospital discharges took place between 11pm and 6am | UPDATED: 08:27 GMT, 12 April 2012 Hundreds of thousands of patients are being sent home from hospital in the middle of the night to relieve pressure on beds, a report has found.