Norovirus: Winter vomiting bug closes hundreds of hospital wards as cases hit a FIVE-YEAR high

Winter vomiting bug closes hundreds of wards as cases hit a FIVE-YEAR high New figures show number of cases 72 per cent higher than last DecemberMore than 300 hospital wards in England and Wales have been closed to new patients since outbreak beganA total of 43 have been shut in the past two weeks aloneSchools across the UK have been affected, with one south-west London primary reporting 'unprecedented' numbers of pupils off sick | UPDATED: 03:43 GMT, 13 December 2012 Hundreds of hospital wards have been forced to close due to the spread of the winter vomiting bug, as fears grow that this winter's outbreak could prove to be the worst on record.

Revealed: The stunning images which show how Europe wastes energy and pollutes light while Africa, South America and much of Asia is in darkness

From shimmering cities to the dark side of the world: Stunning satellite images which show how we use light and energy. At night, London is a burning bright spot, consuming enough energy to power Ireland with its light show.

NHS accused of letting patients with learning disabilities die without consulting their families

NHS accused of putting ‘do not resuscitate’ notices on patients with learning disabilities without consulting with their families A leading charity has accused NHS staff of thinking patients with learning abilities are not worth treating, often giving them 'do not resuscitate' notices without telling their families.