The secret to curbing hunger pangs? A pill made from pomegranate

The secret to curbing hunger pangs A pomegranate pill One theory is the fruit contains a polyphenols, which are thought to act as an appetite suppressantPeople who took a pill supplement for three weeks reported feeling significantly less hungry Also ate on an average 22 per cent less By Anna Hodgekiss PUBLISHED: 15:11 GMT, 28 January 2013 | UPDATED: 15:22 GMT, 28 January 2013 Damage limitation: Regular consumption of pomegranate extract may reduce feelings of hunger It has been hailed as a superfood due to being rich in disease-preventing antioxidants.

Green tea abolishes bad breath, say scientists

Green tea's status as a 'superfood' grows: A study finds it even abolishes bad breath (it already helps prevent cancer and heart disease) | UPDATED: 02:33 GMT, 14 March 2012 Green Tea: Does wonders for bad breath Green tea can help beat bad breath, according to scientific research.