Hitting the menopause really can result in the development of the dreaded "spare tyre" of fat around the waist

Hitting the menopause really DOES create 'spare tyre' of fat around the waist Women lose their natural supply of the female hormone oestrogen after the menopauseThis causes a shift of fat storage from the hips to the waist | UPDATED: 16:04 GMT, 16 October 2012 It will come as little comfort for women of a certain age who already have mood swings and hot flushes to contend with.

Nerve rewiring means paralysed man can move hand to feed himself

Paralysed man can move hand to feed himself again after his nerves rewired in pioneering surgery Patient, now 71, became a quadraplegic in a car crash four years agoHealthy nerves were reconnected independently of spinal cord | UPDATED: 17:47 GMT, 15 May 2012 A paralysed man has regained the use of his hand after he had a pioneering operation to bypass damage to his spinal cord.