Katie Dell allergic to WATER: I will die if I cry

‘I could die if I cry’: Agony of young woman who is so allergic to water that her TEARS cause potentially deadly burning rash. A young woman fears she could be killed by her own tears because she is allergic to water.

Why puffy knees can be a sign of "silent" arthritis

Why puffy knees can be a sign of “silent” arthritis The pain was innocuous enough at first, says Melanie Hutt. ‘It started with slight swellings in my ankles and knees, and a little pain occasionally,’ recalls the 31-year-old charity fundraiser from London. ‘I mentioned it to my GP, and was told that people have all sorts of aches and pains, and it was probably nothing to worry about.’ “I was getting a lot of stiffness, especially in the morning, and it had spread to my toes, fingers and elbows,” said Melanie Hutt But as time went on, Melanie’s symptoms worsened