Archie Sims: The two-year-old who is allergic to Christmas

The two-year-old who is allergic to Christmas: Archie has extreme reaction to Yuletide treatsArchie Sims cannot eat mince pies, chocolate and cheeses because of a variety of allergiesNativity scenes with animals give him hay fever symptomsHis family even has to have a fake tree as pines trigger a rash | UPDATED: 14:29 GMT, 24 December 2012 Little Archie Sims is the boy who is allergic to Christmas.

Midwives told to drop 30-second rule on cutting umbilical cord after delaying it is shown to benefit babies

Midwives told to drop ‘30-second rule’ on cutting umbilical cord after delaying longer shown to benefit babies Longer connection to mother's blood supply thought to protect babies against anaemia | UPDATED: 21:54 GMT, 18 August 2012 Guidance: Midwives have been advised to delay cutting babies' umbilical cords after new evidence showed this benefits their health A radical change in the way babies are delivered will see midwives delay cutting the umbilical cord following evidence that it improves the health of newborns.

World-first heart valve surgery is a "huge new step" in treatment of life-threatening narrowing arteries

Elderly patients have life-saving synthetic heart valves fitted in world-first surgery | UPDATED: 11:39 GMT, 19 June 2012 Doctors have conducted a world-first medical procedure in which heart valves are replaced without patients needing to undergo open heart surgery.