Fabrice Muamba saved my life: Young footballer is saved from deadly heart complication found in under 35s

Fabrice Muamba saved my life: Burnley footballer who went for screening after Bolton star's collapse discovers he too has deadly heart defectBurnley defender Jack Errington, 17, had life-threatening enlarged aorta He was prompted to undergo screening after Muamba's cardiac arrest Undiscovered cardiac conditions kill 12 people under 35 every week | UPDATED: 20:20 GMT, 12 December 2012 Fabrice Muamba's life-threatening cardiac arrest in the middle of an FA cup quarter-final match has helped save the life of another player.

Fabrice Muamba latest news update: Bolton player utters 1st words since he collapsed

“He is speaking”: Fabrice Muamba utters his first words and recognises family as fellow Premiership stars visit footballer in hospitalBolton Wanderers confirm footballer is breathing independently and responding to questions