Anthony Sanchez filmed whipping his son during game of catch arrested for child abuse

Man filmed whipping his son during game of catch arrested for child abuse. A California water agency director has been arrested on suspicion of felony child abuse after a neighbour shot and posted an online video of him whipping his stepson with a belt while playing catch.

Legionnaires" disease outbreak 2012: Cooling towers blamed for death of man and 40 victims

Cooling towers blamed for outbreak of deadly Legionnaires' disease that has killed one man and claimed 40 victims – and the toll will getter higher Bacteria thought to have been transmitted via droplets of infected water from cloud of gas rising into the air Man in his 50s dies from deadly bug in Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryTens of thousands at risk as epidemic could spread 44 square miles from source Scotland's health secretary expects the number of cases to peak over the weekendSymptoms include coughing, chest pains, fever and chills | UPDATED: 07:20 GMT, 7 June 2012 A man has died and another 12 patients are critically ill in intensive care following an outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease.

Britain"s third biggest girl makes waves after water birth weighing in at 12lb 6oz

Britain's third biggest girl makes waves after water birth: She weighs in at 12lb 6oz Grandfather nicknames baby Popeye due to her beefy arms | UPDATED: 14:30 GMT, 16 May 2012 A baby girl has made waves when she was born in a water birth – weighing an astonishing 12lb 6oz.

McDonald"s launches "healthy" drink for children that contains 12 spoonfuls of sugar

McDonald's new Fruitizz 'healthy' drink for children revealed to contain 12 spoonfuls of sugar | UPDATED: 06:32 GMT, 9 May 2012 McDonald's is to introduce a 'healthy' fizzy drink for children that promises one of their five-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables – yet is packed with sugar and calories.

How the "5 S"s" will stop your newborn from crying

Swaddle, side, shush, swing and suck: How the '5 S's' really DO stop your newborn from crying By Claire Bates PUBLISHED: 16:28 GMT, 16 April 2012 | UPDATED: 16:58 GMT, 16 April 2012 It's a question that has perplexed many a new parent – how to calm your baby when they are having a crying fit Dr Harvey Karp and author of the book 'The Happiest Baby on the Block', believes he has the answer.

Bill Gates funds new machine that filters toilet waste into drinkable water

“Scaffold” device will capture and clean waterToilet water “wont be mineral water” but safe to drinkCould save millions of lives in the third world

Boat Race 2012: Trenton Oldfield is Thames swimmer who caused event to stop

Chaos at the Boat Race: Event stopped because of SWIMMER in the Thames… then Oxford”s broken blade gives Cambridge victoryTrenton Oldfield, 35, self-proclaimed anti-elitist protester, claims responsibility for dramatic interruption.

Pseudomonas: Three babies die following outbreak of bacterial infection in children"s hospital

Three babies die following outbreak of bacterial infection in children's hospital Northern Ireland health minister asks parents to remain calm An investigation has been launched after three babies died following the outbreak of an infection at a hospital in Belfast. Belfast Health Trust said admission to the neonatal unit at the Royal Hospital is being restricted after the outbreak of pseudomonas.