Top NHS hospital failed to give girl, three "basic medical care" says coroner as she dies following trachea operation

Girl, 3, died from low blood pressure after hospital doctors failed to give her 'basic medical care', says coroner Isla's blood pressure was 'unacceptably low', finds coronerDoctors failed to hand over properly between teams caring for the little girl Parents pay tribute to 'energetic little girl' | UPDATED: 16:12 GMT, 19 September 2012 A three-year-old's death could have been avoided if medics at her children's intensive care unit had given her basic medical care, a coroner said today.

Not very Progressive… Insurance company defends driver’s killer in court

“My dead sister paid for Progressive to defend driver who killed her”: Brother”s outrage at insurance company”s efforts to avoid paying claim. A brother has called out at an insurance company after it paid for lawyers to defend the negligent driver who killed his sister to avoid paying out on her policy in full.

Just the ticket for popping the question: The romantic “tunnel of love” railway line that’s so beautiful it’s beyond be-leaf

Just the ticket for popping the question: The tree-lined romantic “tunnel of love” railway line that”s so beautiful it”s beyond be-leaf (just watch out for the train) . Strolling hand-in-hand with someone special, these young lovers must be in one of the world”s most romantic spots.