Husbands and wives at risk of serious illness as married people are proven to overestimate how healthy they are

Does being married really make you healthier Husbands and wives are 'more likely than singletons to overestimate how well they are'Married people tend to overestimate their level of health compared to those who are singleSeem to have a different concept of what constitutes bad healthMay be more able to cope with illness due to the support a spouse offersBy the time a wedded person describes themselves as in ‘poor health’ they tend to be much sicker than a single person Study still supported findings that overall being unmarried significantly increases the risk of death within three years By Katy Winter PUBLISHED: 14:21 GMT, 21 March 2013 | UPDATED: 18:32 GMT, 21 March 2013 A married person will be sicker than a single person when they describe themselves as in 'poor health' For married couples, the stability of a happy relationship, and having a partner to support them 'in sickness and in health', can make them feel invincible should they fall ill.