Amazing photo diary charts mother"s struggle against the odds to recover from brain aneurysm that almost killed her

A story of survival: Mother charts daughter's recovery from brain aneurysm doctors said would probably kill her in incredibly touching photo diaryMother-of-two Cheryl Roach, 35, collapsed during a birthday shopping trip in Great Yarmouth, when a large aneurysm burst in her brainHer mother Sharon recalls: 'They warned me it was unlikely she'd make it and if she did, she could be permanently disabled' Sharon took her first set of photos after Cheryl came out of theatre It started as a picture book of death but became a portrait of survival | UPDATED: 06:50 GMT, 10 July 2012 On the mend: Mother-of-two Cheryl Roach, 32, collapsed during a birthday shopping trip in Great Yarmouth As Cheryl Roach lay fighting for her life in a hospital bed, her mother Sharon tentatively took a grainy photo of her.