Teenager's faulty heart implant shocks her 40 TIMES and triggers two cardiac arrests



12:20 GMT, 12 March 2012

A 14-year-old school girl fitted with a life-saving heart implant has revealed how it nearly killed her instead.

Mirren Terry was fitted with a defibrillator when she suffered a heart attack at the age of 10.

It is meant to re start her heart by using the stimulus of an electrical pulse.

Mirren, 14, made a full recovery after her faulty defibrillator shocked her 40 times

Mirren, 14, made a full recovery after her faulty defibrillator shocked her 40 times

But the device developed a fault and shocked the teenager 40 times triggering two cardiac arrests.

Mirren said: 'I suddenly felt a pain in my chest and my mum initially thought it might be indigestion.She said if it carried on we would go to the doctor's the following morning.

'But then she heard a noise like the warning noise of a lorry going into reverse and realised it was my defibrillator going off.

'She called an ambulance I went to hospital in Preston.

'Then it started going off time and time again.It was not pleasant at all.It was as if I was being in the chest time and time again.

'But it turned out there was nothing wrong with my heart it was the implant which had become faulty.The thing which was there to save me was actually giving me cardiac arrests.'

Doctors deactivated the machine and Mirren was stabilsed in intensive care

Her mother Caroline, 38, said: 'It turned out that a wire had fractured and fused with Mirren's heart muscle and it was that which shocked her so many times.'

Mirren was first diagnosed with a heart condition, known as Long QT Syndrome, after she suffered a sudden heart attack during a school sports day in 2008.

Her teachers gave her emergency first aid until the paramedics arrived, which saved her life.