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Tesco 'totally irresponsible' for slashing price of chocolate bars to 20p, say health experts
Five-packs of Snickers, KitKat Chunky, Twix, Mars and Bounty to sold for
1 until end of January

Tesco today found itself under siege from both sweet-toothed shoppers and horrified anti-obesity experts after slashing the price of chocolate bars to 20p.

In a move to win back customers following a Christmas slump, the supermarket chain has slashed the price of
five-packs of Snickers, KitKat Chunky, Twix, Mars and Bounty to just

The deal means each bar costs just 20p – while bars sold individually in the shop can cost up to 54p.

One Tesco shopper struggles under the weight of bags of discounted chocolate

One Tesco shopper struggles under the weight of bags of discounted chocolate

Shoppers have been seen leaving Tesco stores across the country with armfuls of the chocolate.

However, health experts have criticised the move as promoting poor eating habits.

‘To have this kind of promotion at this time when obesity is such as
problem is frankly totally irresponsible,’ said National Obesity Forum
spokesman Tam Fry.

But consumers seemed more concerned with snapping up a bargain.

One woman was spotted leaving a Tesco Extra in Southampton, Hants, with
ten packs of Mars, which are normally on sale for 1.89 per pack.

Helen Taylor, 42, said: 'My family and I are chocoholics so when I
spotted this deal I couldn't resist. These will keep us going for the
next few months.

'I saved nearly nine pounds on all of this.'

The deal, which lasts until
the end of January, could be a spirited attempt to turn around a Christmas slump when takings fell by as much as 2.3 per cent.

Share prices plummeted and nearly 5billion pounds wiped of the value of the company as a result.

Financial expert Jasmine Birtles, who runs website moneymagpie.com, added: 'Potentially, this deal is a good thing.

'In this day and age thrift is the new bling – and this country is going
to be bargain crazy for the next two years as we recover.

'Bargains are the way to go but Tesco can't make it a one off.

'They should do deals like this regularly and the deals have to be real
to keep customers' trust.'

Tesco has meanwhile defended their price-drop, saying they had also reduced the prices of ‘bread, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.’

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