The brother and sister born with a record-breaking gap of just six and a half months

The brother and sister born with a record-breaking gap of just SIX AND A HALF months
Sadie Budden, 31, had Sienna and Ronnie just six and a half months apartFamily holds record for the closest age gap between siblings in the UKSienna was born extremely prematurely at just 26 weeks

, at 26 weeks, Miss Budden woke at 5am with contractions.

Sienna was born two hours later. Although weighing 1lb 14oz – a reasonable weight for such a premature baby – she was taken to special care.

‘She was so poorly it was three weeks before I could even hold her,’ said Miss Budden. ‘She had difficulty breathing and eating. It was heartbreaking.’

Three days later Sienna had a brain haemorrhage, a common complication with premature birth, and it was touch and go whether she would pull through.

But after three and a half months she was well enough to come home to Andover, in Hampshire, on her original due date.

Miss Budden, who also has a son, Jordan, 13, from a previous relationship, said: ‘We feel so lucky that despite being born so early, Sienna has pulled through. Since coming home she has gone from strength to strength.’

With a newborn and another baby who was beginning to crawl, life was hectic at first for the couple.

‘Those first few months were a blur of nappies and night feeds – and both of them needed to be carried around,’ said Miss Budden.

‘But now we’re beginning to see that being born so close together in age is going to be a real bonus.

‘Seeing them playing together is wonderful and already they seem to have developed a special bond.’