Everyone’s favorite hockey underdogs are all grown up.
1. Gordon Bombay — Emilio EstevezGordon Bombay — Emilio Estevez

EMILIO! Charlie Sheen’s brother has definitely been the quieter of Martin Sheen’s two famous sons. After the Ducks he made cameos in movies like Mission Impossible and TV shows like The West Wing, but his biggest projects since his hockey days have come in the past few years. 2006’s Bobby and 2010’s The Way was written and directed by Estevez. Both films received mixed reviews and also featured performances from Gordon Bombay.

Image?by?Charles Sykes / AP 2. Charlie Conway — Joshua Jackson Charlie Conway — Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson has had the most consistent career from youth to adulthood of any child star I can think of. As a kid he had The Mighty Ducks franchise. As a teen he had Dawson’s Creek. As a young adult he had moody teen thrillers like Cruel Intentions and Skulls, and as an adult he has Fox’s Fringe. That’s crazy impressive. Way to go Charlie.

3. Fulton Reed — Elden Henson Fulton Reed — Elden Henson

Fulton had a big role in Ashton Kutcher “thriller” The Butterfly Effect, but has since been relegated to bit parts. He has worked consistently since the Ducks, though, appearing in projects like Grey’s Anatomy and Deja Vu.

4. Goldberg — Shaun Weiss Goldberg — Shaun Weiss

Everyone’s favorite goalie was a mainstay of kid comedies like The Mighty Ducks and Heavyweights. He’s continued acting, and has since been seen in Freaks and Geeks, MTV’s Undressed, and Drillbit Taylor.

5. Peter Mark — J.D. Daniels Peter Mark — J.D. Daniels

The little guy who was pissed at Gordon Bombay for his former days as a Hawk hasn’t done much acting in the flesh since the mid-’90s, but has done some cool voice work. Most notably, he was the original voice of Arnold on Hey! Arnold.

6. Connie Moureau — Marguerite Moreau Connie Moureau — Marguerite Moreau

The girl every young guy had a crush on, Marguerite Moureau would go on to play that role to a tee in Wet Hot American Summer. She’s also been seen in Queen of the Damned and most recently on Shameless.

7. Terry Hall — Jussie Smollett Terry Hall — Jussie Smollett

Jussie is now a photographer and musician. Interestingly, his little sister is Jurnee Smollett, who is most famous for her work on the last two season of Friday Night Light where she played the football-obsessed Jess.

8. Jesse Hall — Brandon Quentin Adams Jesse Hall — Brandon Quentin Adams

Brandon had recurring roles on ’90s favorites Sister, Sister; Moesha; and Boy Meets World, and also starred in The Sandlot as Nu?ez. He also voiced a character named Raijin in Kingdom Hearts II.

9. Karp — Aaron Schwartz Karp — Aaron Schwartz

Karp is probably better known as Gerald Garner, the star of the brilliant Judd Apatow-written Heavyweights. Since his heavier, younger days, Schwartz has slimmed down and is now a recurring cast member on Gossip Girl where he plays Vanya.

10. Averman — Matt Doherty Averman — Matt Doherty

After being Averman, Doherty had a recurring role on Boston Public. He went to Northwestern where he studied theatre. Though his credits slowed down a bit in the 2000’s, he’s does have a small role in the highly-anticipated upcoming Ben Affleck movie Argo.

11. Tammy Duncan — Jane Plank Tammy Duncan — Jane Plank

The Ducks’ figure skater-turned hockey player has spent the last few years focusing on her music. You can hear some of her work at JanePlank.com.

12. Tommy Duncan — Danny Tamberelli Tommy Duncan — Danny Tamberelli

I’ll admit it. I totally forgot Tamberelli was in this movie. After The Mighty Ducks, Danny starred in the beloved Nickelodeon show Pete and Pete. He also brought a great deal of joy into our lives as a panelist on Figure It Out. Tamberelli attended Hampshire College in Massachusetts. He’s a member of a sketch comedy troupe called “Man Boob Comedy.” You can check out one of his sketches here.

13. Adam Banks — Vincent A. Larusso Adam Banks — Vincent A. Larusso

After appearing in every Mighty Ducks film, Larusso quit acting and attended Boston University. He has gone back to his first love a bit though, appearing in an episode of Dollhouse.

14. Guy Germaine — Garette Ratliff Henson Guy Germaine — Garette Ratliff Henson

The talented Duck player who ended up romantically entangled with Connie attended Sarah Lawrence for college and got married in 2007. Fulton Reed is his brother.

15. Hawk’s Coach — Lane Smith Hawk's Coach — Lane Smith

Lane Smith was a classic “that guy.” He played Lois Lane and Clark Kent’s editor at The Daily Planet in Lois and Clark as well as roles in My Cousin Vinny, From The Earth To The Moon, The Legend Of Bagger Vance, among many others. He died in 2005.

16. Mr. Ducksworth — Josef Sommer Mr. Ducksworth — Josef Sommer

Another “that guy,” Mr. Ducksworth is probably best known today as the president in X-Men: The Last Stand.

17. Hans — Joss Ackland Hans — Joss Ackland

Joss Ackland is a highly respected English actor, who’s best known for movies like The Hunt For Red October and Lethal Weapon 2. The 84-year-old is still acting today.

18. The Limo Driver — M.C. Gainey The Limo Driver — M.C. Gainey

I loved the limo driver in Mighty Ducks. Turns out he was also the very awesome and somewhat creepy “other” Tom Friendly on Lost. He’s also played Bo Crowder on Justified and will be one of the villains in Quentin Tarantino’s new movie Django Unchained.