The teenager sure to be in Santa's good books after giving CPR to save her little brother's life
Courtney, 13, realised her three-year-old brother had experienced a seizure and had stopped breathingHer mother Kim said Courtney calmly performed CPR while she had panickedCourtney managed to revive Lucas after 20 minutes of chest compression and mouth-to-mouth



17:19 GMT, 24 December 2012

Meeting Father Christmas is a wonderful experience for any child, but it was extra special for teenager Courtney and her little brother Lucas.

For the 13-year-old from Southampton had saved her younger sibling's life just months before.

Courtney Lanfear, had looked in on three-year-old Lucas as he had been suffering from a cold when she noticed his cot was shaking.

She realised he had experienced a seizure and was no longer breathing. Thankfully she had recently attended a first-aid course and sprang into action.

Lucas with Courtney

Meeting Father Christmas: Courtney (centre) performed CPR on Lucas (left) after he stopped breathing

Christmas joy: Courtney said she thought all children should have first-aid training

Christmas joy: Courtney said she thought all children should have first-aid training

Her quick actions and cool-head meant she was able to revive the three-year-old before the paramedics had even arrived.

Her mother Kim, 31, said: 'Courtney called me upstairs where Lucas was cold and blue.

‘When I saw he wasn’t breathing I panicked, I didn’t know what to do. However, Courtney remained calm and started CPR straight away, as she had been trained.'

Courtney, who had completed a St John's Ambulance course, said she had felt calm during the half-an-hour ordeal.

'I had too much to do at the time to be frightened. While I was doing it, I just remembered my training and got on with it,' she told Mail Online.

'It was after it was all over that I started to panic. I think I
realised what could have gone wrong but very luckily I did all the right
things and the result was fantastic.'

Lucas with a cheeky grin

Courtney demonstrating CPR

Life-saver: Courtney (right) shows how she performed chest compressions, which saved little Lucas (left)

Lucas enjoys decorating the Christmas tree

Lucas enjoys decorating the Christmas tree. He was back to normal a few days after his ordeal

Courtney performed mouth-mouth and chest compression on Lucas for 20 minutes before he started to breathe again on his own. The ambulance arrived five minutes later.

'The paramedics said as they came through the door that Courtney had done their job for them,' Kim said.

'I am very, very proud of her.'

Courtney, whose story is now featuring in a St John's Ambulance video, said: 'My training saved my brother’s life and I think every child should know the basic first aid skills.'

The paramedics took Lucas to hospital to check him over but he was back to his normal boisterous self a couple of days later.

Doctors later told the family that
Lucas' seizure in August had probably been triggered by a rise in temperature
caused by a chest infection.

The family are now looking forward to Christmas and life has very much returned to normal.

Courtney said: 'I love Lucas to bits
but he is a typical three-year-old and is always trying to get into my
things, which is very irritating!'