They would like to offer some advice to help you through not getting that promotion/having your birthday party rained out/your car breaking down/whatever else ails you.

This hedgehog knows that sometimes all you need after a hard day is a good, long bath.

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This little guy wants to remind you not to sweat the small stuff.

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This hedgehog wants you to know that when life gives you lemons, at least you get cute neon bandages.

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These ladies and gents want to remind you that things could certainly be worse; you could have been mistaken for a pile of pine cones today.

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This hedgehog thinks you should kick back and have a relaxing cup of tea.

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This hedgehog understands that sometimes it’s pretty tough to see the bigger picture.

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This dapper gentleman wants you to know that sometimes to cheer yourself up, you just have to dress the part.

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This hedgehog thinks you should treat yo’self.

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And this hedgehog just wants to give you a flower.