What”s yours is MINE! Baby twin sisters” hilarious efforts at sharing single pacifier become YouTube hit

An adorable pair of baby twin sisters have become a YouTube hit after their mother posted a video of them sharing a single pacifier.

Identical twins Lily and Diana, who were nine months old at the time, make for a hilarious double-act as they take it in turns to snatch a pink pacifier from one another”s” mouths.

The pair are so alike in both looks and mannerisms, it is impossible to know which is which.

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Pacifier war

I”ll have what she”s having: The twin on the left eyes up the pink pacifier in her sister”s mouth

Pacifier war

Sleight of hand: She swiftly reaches across and snatches the pacifier from her unsuspecting twin

Pacifier war

Satisfied, she parks the pacifier in her own mouth while her sister slowly realises what has happened

More remarkably still, there are no tears. Instead there is only bemusement as each realises in turn that the pacifier is no longer in their mouth.

Their mother, Lauren Seger, who is based in Indiana, initially made the video over a year ago for her own mother”s amusement.

But after posting it on YouTube, it attracted well over 300,000 hits.

Pacifier war

Whatever you can do… But it is just moments before the twin on the right decides to attempt the same ruse

Pacifier war

Oh no you don”t! Left-hand twin tries to hold on to the pacifier by turning her head to the side

Right-hand twin

The girls, who are now two, continue to provide endless entertaining moments for their mother to film.

One of her latest uploads, titled Silly With Yogurt, sees the toddlers steal spoons and plastic containers from each other.

Now, though, they are better at winding each other up, and know the most successful tactic is to move the object of desire out of reach completely.

Pacifier war

Still not sharing: Lily and Diana, now two, have moved onto stealing plastic yoghurt containers and spoons from each other – even though their mother now wisely provides two of everything

One can only pity Mrs Seger for the battles that will ensue when her girls reach their teenage years.

The wars over clothes look set to be epic.