Mother trapped in her own body for nine months after brain haemorrhage makes startling recovery thanks to last ditch surgery
Pauline Quinn suffered a brain haemorrhage in July 2011 and was unresponsive for nine months, unable to walk, talk or eat
Amazed doctors by talking again after shunt drained excess fluid from brainShe told her sister she thought she had been in hospital for a few weeks

doctors put a shunt into Ms Quinn's brain to drain extra fluid from her skull. When she came around she shocked them and her family by starting to talk.

Ms Wallace said: 'I walked through the door and she said “Hi Janiece, how are you doing”.

'I felt like I had been hit by a bus, I couldn't believe it.'

But Ms Quinn slipped back into a vegetative state shortly after.

Getting fit: Pauline is going to run a 5K for Neurocare

Getting fit: Pauline is going to run a 5K for Neurocare

After four weeks on the high dependency unit surgeons concluded there was little hope of Ms Quinn recovering. But as a final attempt, consultant neurosurgeon Umang Patel put a shunt into Pauline's body to drain the brain fluid again.

Just three days later she stunned her doctors by talking and trying to get out of bed.

Ms Wallace said: 'She had gone from being a person who could comb her hair or brush her teeth, to saying “Get off my bed Janiece, I need to go to the toilet!”.

'She came to and she explained to me that she knew she was in hospital. She thought she had been there for a couple of weeks.

'I had to tell her she had been there for nine months. She couldn't believe it!

'It has given her a totally new lease of life. She wakes up every morning, points at herself in the mirror and says 'you are beautiful!'.'

It took Pauline another two months to learn to walk again, but she now enjoys cooking and painting and is training for a 5k run to raise money for Sheffield charity, Neurocare.