Schoolgirl battling illness which makes her vomit 50 times a day saves for 22k 'bionic stomach'Gastroparesis causes Danielle Goodridge to regurgitate everything she drinks and eatsFriends thought she was suffering from eating disorder'Bionic stomach' will help remedy symptoms

Danielle Goodridge is relying on a 22,000 bionic stomach to solve her health problem

Danielle Goodridge is relying on a 22,000 bionic stomach to solve her health problem

A schoolgirl blighted by a crippling illness which causes her to vomit 50 times a day is hoping a' bionic stomach' will stop her from starving to death.

Danielle Goodridge, 15, has been forced to put her life on hold for almost a year as a result of Gastroparesis, which causes her to regurgitate everything she drinks and eats.

Now in a bid to get her life back on track, Danielle's family
have launched a fundraising campaign to pay for life-saving surgery.

Subject to the Goodridges raising the 22,000 needed, a gastric pacemaker will be inserted and extensive aftercare will be provided.

The device, fitted inside the stomach, causes it to contract when food is consumed to stop vomiting.

Describing the illness, her mother Nikky, from Farnham, Surrey said: 'It’s an incredibly rare condition. There’s not a lot known about it.

she would eat, everything she would drink, even the tablets they gave
her, would bounce off her stomach and come back up.'

Danielle contracted, what she thought was a sickness bug, last January.

She was bullied at school over her shrinking size and struggled to persuade
friends that she wasn't suffering from an eating disorder.

Concerned, her parents contacted a local GP who agreed
she had a stomach bug, but days later she was rushed to hospital after failing
to eat for nearly a week.

At first medics were baffled by the unusual condition and, after enduring
dozens of trips to the UK’s top hospitals, medics told her she may end
up needing a permanent feeding tube fitted directly into her lower

But after scouring the internet the teenager discovered others exhibiting similar symptoms and doctors diagnosed her with Gastroparesis or paralysis of the stomach, a condition usually associated with diabetics.

As a result, since January 2011 Danielle has remained in a permanent state of
hunger and dehydration and risks heart-failure.

She said: 'My potassium levels are
so low I am continuously on and off heart monitors and potassium drips
to prevent my heart from failing, some days I don’t even have the energy
to get out of bed.'

She is hopeful that a gastric pacemaker will help manage the debilitating symptoms, but realises that it will not be a cure.

The operation is sometimes covered by the NHS but Danielle's family are concerned that even if they get the go-ahead the process may prove too lengthy.

Speaking on her fundraising website Danielle added: 'I may not have that much time.'

More than 3,200 was collected in the first week.