Osteoporosis: Men with beers bellies warned they are at risk of weaker bones

Put down that drink! Men with beers guts warned they are at risk of weaker bones Belly fat associated with increased risk of osteoporosis in menThis fat reduces how much growth hormone is secreted, which plays an important role in maintaining healthy bones | UPDATED: 16:29 GMT, 29 November 2012 Scroll down for video Belly fat leads to osteoporosis in men, a study has found Men with excessive fat around their middles aren't just putting their hearts under strain – they are also at risk of weaker bones.

Bottles of egg whites linked to salmonella cases

Bottles of liquid egg whites recalled after being linked to salmonella Myprotein brand of liquid eggs associated with seven cases of poisoningFood Standards Agency is trying to trace the source of the eggs used in the product | UPDATED: 14:47 GMT, 16 October 2012 Bottles of liquid egg whites, often used by bodybuilders and bakers, have been recalled after they were linked to salmonella.

DR ELLIE CANNON: Romney fails the NHS test

Mitt Romney fails the NHS test with his audacious criticism | UPDATED: 21:05 GMT, 28 July 2012 Completely wrong: Mitt Romney criticised the NHS American presidential candidate Mitt Romney had the audacity last week to criticise the NHS for making his son wait six weeks for a colonoscopy when he presented with seemingly worrying symptoms while living in the UK in 1995.