Doctors save man"s life by using neat alcohol to give him a HEART ATTACK

Doctors save man's life by using neat alcohol to give him a HEART ATTACK Ronald, 77, suffering from a life-threatening disturbance to heart rhythmNeat alcohol injected into artery to destroy heart muscle causing the problemPatient was well enough to leave hospital three days later | UPDATED: 11:20 GMT, 24 December 2012 Doctors have saved a patient's life by killing off part of his heart with neat alcohol.

McDonald’s Photoshop video reveals why menu burgers never look like what you’re served

One McBurger with lies, please: Fast-food firm”s own video reveals why items on the menu never look like what you are served | UPDATED: 11:27 GMT, 21 June 2012 If you have ever ever queued for a McDonald’s burger drooling over the photos on the menu, you’ve probably wondered why your Big Mac never looks the same.

Britain"s third biggest girl makes waves after water birth weighing in at 12lb 6oz

Britain's third biggest girl makes waves after water birth: She weighs in at 12lb 6oz Grandfather nicknames baby Popeye due to her beefy arms | UPDATED: 14:30 GMT, 16 May 2012 A baby girl has made waves when she was born in a water birth – weighing an astonishing 12lb 6oz.

Cystic fibrosis often forces by toddler twins apart, reveals mother

Cystic fibrosis forces toddler twins apart – in case they pass life-threatening infections to each other, reveals mother Parents did not realise they were carriers of the lung condition | UPDATED: 16:21 GMT, 5 April 2012 Toddler twins Isobel and Alexander love to spend time together – but they must often stay apart in case they give each other life-threatening infections.