Legal high Benzo Fury "as dangerous illegal drugs such as ecstasy", study claims

Legal high Benzo Fury 'as dangerous as illegal drugs such as ecstasy', study claims Benzo Fury is currently one of the most popular legal 'highs' in the UK It is freely available to buy via the internet, at music festivals and clubs But experts claim it could cause high blood pressure and addiction 19-year-old Alex Heriot died at a music festival in June 2012.

Chewing gum is GOOD for the brain and boost alertness by 10%

Chewing over a problem Chomping on gum is GOOD for the brain and can boost alertness by 10%Tests show that reaction times amongst chewers are fasterChomping away leads to improvements in blood flow to the brainReport will be good news for celebrity chewer Sir Alex Ferguson By Chris Brooke PUBLISHED: 15:15 GMT, 3 February 2013 | UPDATED: 08:11 GMT, 4 February 2013 It’s a habit that divides opinion, but new scientific evidence reveals that chewing gum is actually good for the brain.

Three-week cough "could be lung cancer warning": Awareness campaign launched by stars who lost relatives to the disease

Persistent cough 'could be warning sign of lung cancer': Stars who lost relatives to disease launch awareness campaign Lung cancer is the biggest cancer killer in the UK and affects 33,000 people in England every year | UPDATED: 08:46 GMT, 7 May 2012 Just one in 10 people realise that a persistent cough could be a key symptom of lung cancer, according to statistics released by the Government as it launches a campaign to raise awareness about the disease.