Children can GROW OUT of autism, claim scientists

Children can GROW OUT of autism: Controversial research suggests not all youngsters have the same fate Autistic children who recovered appeared to have milder social difficulties but more repetitive behavioursBy studying children who appear to grow out of the disorder experts hope to create better therapies By Claire Bates PUBLISHED: 17:13 GMT, 15 January 2013 | UPDATED: 15:38 GMT, 16 January 2013 Autism is a condition some children manage to grow out of, a study has shown.

Measles cases "double in a year" following major outbreaks

Measles cases 'double in a year' following two major outbreaks There are ongoing serious outbreaks in Merseyside and SussexSmall number of cases in travelling communities | UPDATED: 16:23 GMT, 24 August 2012 The number of cases of measles has almost doubled in the past year following two major outbreaks, health officials have revealed.

Men have a biological clock, too: Landmark study warns potential dads not to put off fatherhood as they are responsible for majority of faulty genes

Want to delay fatherhood Freeze sperm in your 30s potential dads are told as research reveals older men pass on faulty genes40-year-old father two-and-half times more likely to pass on damaging mutations than 20-year-oldGenes linked to autism and schizophreniaExperts advise ageing men to freeze their sperm | UPDATED: 01:35 GMT, 23 August 2012 The march of time: Researchers have found that older fathers pass down the majority of the faulty genes linked to conditions such as schizophrenia (file picture posed by models) Men delaying fatherhood have been told to consider freezing their sperm after a study showed they also have a rapidly ticking biological clock.

Panel rules MMR jab made girl deaf – but not enough for payout

Panel rules MMR jab made girl deaf – but not enough for payout | UPDATED: 22:09 GMT, 18 August 2012 Loss of hearing: Katie Stephen was left deaf by an MMR jab A woman has won her fight to prove she was left deaf by the MMR jab – only the second time it has been linked to disability.

Advert claiming MMR jab coud cause autism is banned

Advert that claims MMR jab could cause autism is banned The World Health Organisation and the Department of Health have found no evidence of a causal link between MMR and autism | UPDATED: 11:34 GMT, 8 August 2012 A website has been ordered to remove a claim that the MMR jab could cause autism in children by the Advertising Standards Agency.

Autism: A pet "helps children with autism to develop their social skills"

Having a pet 'helps autistic children to develop their social skills' Bringing an animal into the home could strengthen family bonds, say researchers | UPDATED: 11:59 GMT, 2 August 2012 Children with autism can improve their social skills if they have a pet to play with after they turn five.

Boy who can"t say "I love you" due to disorder "taught" to show his emotions – by his pet cat

Boy with anxiety disorder who can't say 'I love you' taught to show his emotions – by his cat Lorcan suffers from an anxiety disorder known as selective mutism | UPDATED: 14:53 GMT, 18 July 2012 A little boy with a form of mutism who struggles to express himself has been 'taught' to show his emotions – by his pet cat.

Scanner test that spots autism aged two by noticing weaknesses in the brains wiring devised by doctors

Scanner test that spots autism aged two by noticing weaknesses in the brain's wiring devised by doctors | UPDATED: 01:07 GMT, 26 June 2012 Breakthrough: A new test has been developed to diagnose autism in children A simple test that diagnoses autism in children as young as two has been devised by doctors.

The boy who is eating his bedroom: Rare condition of Zach, 5, who can"t tell the difference between food and inedible objects

The boy who is eating his own bedroom: Zach, 5, can't tell the difference between food and inedible objects because of rare condition Youngster suffers from extreme form of a disorder called Pica Eats blinds and plaster from walls as has a constant need to chewZach is also autistic and cannot speakMother Rachel plans to build 'safe room' without objects he can eat | UPDATED: 14:22 GMT, 25 May 2012 Five-year-old Zach Tahir suffers from a rare medical condition which means he's slowly eating his way through his bedroom.

Stuart Chaifetz, Father, Puts Wire On Son With Autism, Records Verbal Abuse From Teachers

When Stuart Chaifetz sent his 10-year-old son to New Jersey’s Horace Mann Elementary School wearing a hidden audio recorder, he couldn’t have predicted what he would uncover.