Mother-of-two unable to eat for TWO YEARS shrinks to size zero after being struck down by rare illness which has paralysed her stomach

Mother-of-two left unable to eat for TWO YEARS and shrinks to size zero after suffering from paralysed stomach Doctors first misdiagnosed mother, 30, with stomach bug followed by anorexiaA stomach pacemaker failed to ease her condition and she is now fed via a tube twice a day | UPDATED: 14:35 GMT, 10 July 2012 A mother-of-two has been unable to eat a single meal for two years – after developing a rare condition that has paralysed her stomach.

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They say you should never trust a skinny chef. But what about a petite food stylist or a svelte cupcake queen? The fact is, when your job involves truffle fries instead of office supplies, you have to get creative at dodging food so you don’t blow up like a human soufflĂ©.