Arthritis? It"s no laughing matter, says comedian Ella Kenion

Arthritis It's no laughing matter, says comedian Ella Kenion whose agonising condition, triggered by food poisoning – almost ended her showbiz dream Actress Ella Kenion got rheumatic disease Reiter’s syndrom aged 18The pain in her joints nearly kept her from following her dream of acting | UPDATED: 15:47 GMT, 25 November 2012 Light touch: Ella's recent weight loss has helped with her joint problems From playing the world’s laziest cleaner, Mrs Cakeworthy, in The Green Green Grass to a long-suffering teacher in The Catherine Tate Show, Ella Kenion has never been shy about taking on unglamorous roles.

The tiny vacuum that cleans up infections

The tiny vacuum that cleans infections by sucking healing cells into wounds could help thousands of patients | UPDATED: 07:58 GMT, 1 May 2012 The vaccum works by drawing blood into an infected area, which increases the supply of healing cells A new device that ‘vacuums’ surgical wounds and hard-to-treat sores could help thousands of patients.

Disabled man collapses after being refused treatment at NHS walk-in centre forced to call NHS hotline for help

Disabled man collapses after being refused treatment at walk-in centre and forced to call NHS hotline for ambulance Mr Shropshire said NHS Direct told him to visit a walk-in centre in BradfordHe calls the hotline again to get an ambulance after he collapses once he is told centre too busy to treat him | UPDATED: 15:40 GMT, 2 April 2012 A disabled man who collapsed in an NHS walk-in centre after being refused treatment had to ring the service’s hotline for an ambulance.

World first as surgeons grow bone TWO INCHES and prepare to fit bionic leg to woman who lost limb in 1996 Tube accident

The Tube accident victim who GREW leg bone two inches so doctors can finally fit bionic limb after 15 years in world-first op Marny Cringle couldn't have leg fitted before because stump was too shortLeft leg amputated above the knee after falling under an Underground train A woman who lost a leg when she fell under a London underground train is to receive a bionic limb in a remarkable world-first operation after successfully growing bone.