One in three gym goers don"t even break a sweat (as they"re too busy ogling at others and sitting in the spa)

A third of gym goers don't even break a sweat (as they're too busy ogling totty and sitting in the spa) Half complete a serious fitness routine, while the rest spend their time chatting or ogling the opposite sexOne in 10 are too embarrassed to get sweatyA quarter spend more time in the sauna or hot tub than on exercise machines By Claire Bates PUBLISHED: 11:26 GMT, 25 February 2013 | UPDATED: 13:02 GMT, 25 February 2013 One in 10 go to the gym to meet potential partners so are keen to look their best One in three gym goers don't even break a sweat during their workout, a survey has revealed.

Cycling could harm male reproductive health by increasing estrogen levels

Feeling hormonal How serious cycling could be playing havoc with male reproductive health | UPDATED: 16:27 GMT, 23 May 2012 Male cycling enthusiasts may have more to worry about than saddle sores and road safety, after a study found the sport can play havoc with their fertility.