James Holmes: “Dark Knight massacre gunman” appears in court as prosecutors seek the death penalty

Eyes rolling, head swaying and that bright red Joker hair: Colorado killer faces victims” families in bizarre first appearance in courtJames Holmes, 24, accused of shooting dead 12 and wounding 58Appeared unemotional and bleary-eyed at Arapahoe Country CourthouseComes after reports that he was spitting on the floor inside jail and “thought he was acting in a movie”

Sainsbury”s shopper detains pervert who took pictures of children after security guards refuse to help

Brave woman shopper pounced on pervert taking indecent pictures of children in Sainsbury”s… after security guards refused to help herWoman reported man”s suspicious behaviour after spotting him prowling the aisles with a cameraTwo weeks later, she saw him again and begged security to confiscate his phone

Army medic who lost both legs in Afghanistan bomb blast defies doctors to become father of baby girl

Army medic who feared bomb blast had taken away fatherhood hopes as well as his legs has baby girl Doctors feared he might not survive his injuries and needed two years of treatment “We consider ourselves lucky”, family man says Against all odds: Simon defied doctors who said he might never be able to have children An Army medic who lost both legs in Afghanistan and feared he might never have children has become a father for the first time. Sergeant Simon Harmer, 35, suffered horrific injuries after stepping on a makeshift bomb while on patrol in Afghanistan. Doctors feared he might not survive but the serviceman proved them wrong and he and his wife Marisa are now the delighted parents of a little girl