Mother who has head-lice for SIX MONTHS considers putting bleach on her head

Mother driven mad by head lice for SIX MONTHS even considered using household bleach Liz Slimon also spent hundreds on lotions, new bedding and towels as she tried to get rid of them She did not visit the hairdressers for six months and was considering pouring pesticide on her hair | UPDATED: 17:42 GMT, 29 November 2012 It is a headache familiar to many parents – the foul smelling lotions, the painstaking grooming of figdety heads, while fending off little hands desperate for a scratch.

The beast of East River: Was washed-up pig really a dead rat (or maybe a dog)?

Mystery of the beast of the East River: Was washed-up pig really a dead rat – or even a dog. Dubbed the “Manhattan monster”, a horrifying mystery creature with a mutilated face, snarling snout and five toes on each foot has washed up under the Brooklyn Bridge, perplexing New Yorkers.