Light Adjustable Lens: How eye implants can be finely-tuned to give patients perfect vision

My adjustable lens means I can see in HD: How a revolutionary operation gave one spectacle-wearer perfect vision | UPDATED: 21:00 GMT, 11 August 2012 Two years ago, Antonia, Lady Riley couldn’t function without her spectacles.

After same no scalpel facelift as Jennifer Aniston, one woman"s diary of her transformation

Sorry to my face for all I've put it through (but I'd do it again…): After a Jennifer Aniston-style no scalpel facelift, one woman's diary of her transformation By Kay Goddard PUBLISHED: 21:21 GMT, 16 June 2012 | UPDATED: 12:18 GMT, 17 June 2012 I would like to begin with an apology – first to my teenage son for scaring the living daylights out of him, secondly to my sister who was so shocked at my swollen, bloodied appearance that she stayed with me and my son overnight in case I never woke up again.