Ready meals better for you than TV chefs recipe: Dishes created by star cooks Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson contain more calories than TV dinners

Ready meals ‘better for you than TV chef’s recipe’: Dishes created by star cooks contain more calories than TV dinners Health warnings should be on cooking programmes, say researchersStudy compared nutritional content of chefs' recipes and ready mealsNo meal met all of WHO’s recommendations for a balanced healthy meal | UPDATED: 23:54 GMT, 17 December 2012 If you feel guilty about eating a ready meal while watching TV chefs making something from scratch, don’t worry – your food’s probably healthier than theirs.

Neighbour from hell ordered hundreds of taxis, takeaways and coal to victim’s house

Neighbour from hell spent ten years ordering hundreds of taxis and takeaways and TWO TONS of coal to victim”s homePaul Hayward pelted another house with eggs and stones and made 100 silent phone calls in a dayTormentor jailed for 14 months over decade-long campaign of harassment