Generation X-Large: Fatter children force stores to revamp sizing

Generation X-Large: Fatter children force stores to revamp sizing A new guide has been drawn up for children aged between four and 16Decades of eating fast food and a couch-potato culture blamed Girls of 11 are an average four inches wider around the waist By Sean Poulter PUBLISHED: 00:05 GMT, 1 March 2013 | UPDATED: 10:48 GMT, 1 March 2013 Clothing chains have been forced to rip up their sizing system for children to reflect the fact youngsters are now taller, wider and heavier.

A third of primary school children are overweight or obese

The fat timebomb: A THIRD of primary school children are now overweight or obese New NHS figures show 33.9 per cent of year six pupils weigh more than they shouldFifth of children in reception also overweight or obese Pupils in urban areas more likely to be larger than those in towns and suburbs | UPDATED: 11:26 GMT, 12 December 2012 A third of final year primary school children are overweight or obese, new figures suggest.

Too fat for slimming class… woman who was turned away from NHS programme because

The woman who was too fat for slimming class: Grandmother's anger as NHS tells her she need to lose weight to join diet scheme Belinda Clayton applied to weight-loss scheme through her GP but was told she was too heavy to take partLocal PCT said initiative was a pilot scheme and they had restricted entry to those with a BMI of 30 to 35 – Mrs Clayton's measurement was 35.07Mrs Clayton described the decision to exclude her as 'bonkers'She will now pay for Slimming World sessions instead | UPDATED: 15:18 GMT, 1 October 2012 Determined: Belinda Clayton from Binchester, wanted to join the 'weigh-less scheme' after it was recommended by a friend A grandmother-of-two has spoken of her outrage after she was turned down by an NHS weight loss programme because she was ‘too fat’.