"I"ve been there, Kate, and it felt like being poisoned": One mother tells of her extreme morning sickness

'I've been there, Kate, and it felt like being poisoned': One mother tells of her extreme morning sickness Sonia Purnell was 34 when she suffered hyperemesis gravidarum – the same condition as the Duchess of CambridgeHere she tells how the joy of being pregnant was overshadowed by an onslaught of violent nausea | UPDATED: 23:38 GMT, 3 December 2012 Poorly: Kate Middleton has been taken to hospital with hyperemesis gravidarum, which usually leaves women on a drip because they can't eat or drink News of the Duchess of Cambridge’s admission to hospital yesterday, suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum – extreme morning sickness – instantly made me relive the agonies of my first pregnancy 15 years ago.

Kate Middleton: Iranian Paralympic athlete refused to shake Duchess of Cambridge’s hand “for cultural reasons” at medal ceremony

Iranian Paralympic athlete refuses to shake Duchess of Cambridge”s hand “for cultural reasons because she”s a woman” at medal ceremony Discus thrower Mehrdad Karam Zadeh clutched his chest after he was presented with his silver medalIranian cultural convention bans men from shaking hands with unrelated womenSt.

Julie Middleton s horror after she s told her baby s brain was kept in a jar for 13 YEARS

Mother's horror after she is told her baby's brain was kept in a hospital jar for 13 YEARS A mother has spoken of her hurt and outrage after she found out the brain of her six-week-old baby had been kept in a jar at Southampton General Hospital for 13 years. Julie Middleton, 40, buried her son Regan in 1999 but has now been told that doctors removed his brain during a post-mortem at the medical centre. She said although she knew tissues had been removed to ascertain the cause of death – which was found to be cot death – she had no idea the entire organ had been removed.