Could Roquefort be GOOD for the heart? Blue cheese has anti-inflammatory properties that guard against cardiovascular disease

Could Roquefort be GOOD for the heart Blue cheese has 'anti-inflammatory properties' that guard against cardiovascular diseaseBiotechnologists say Roquefort may be a 'miracle food' behind French diners' famous good health But claims the mouldy blue cheese is a miracle health food are rotten, says leading nutritionist | UPDATED: 08:46 GMT, 18 December 2012 When you settle down to the cheese board this Christmas, try not to feel too guilty.

Shoes with in-built GPS to track Alzheimer"s patients go on sale in the UK

The shoe with in-built GPS that tracks Alzheimer's patients – and gives their relatives peace of mind Shoe is fitted with a miniature GPS system that allows the wearer’s location to be accurately pinpointedIf they stray outside a set area, relatives can be alerted by text or email Designed to give wearers more freedom to go about everyday life | UPDATED: 16:35 GMT, 16 October 2012 Shoes with an in-built tracking device to locate Alzheimer’s patients have gone on sale in the UK.

Emanuela Orlandi: Missing girl “buried in mobster’s tomb was kidnapped for Vatican s3x parties”

Missing girl “buried in murdered mobster”s tomb was kidnapped for Vatican s3x parties”, claims Catholic Church”s leading exorcist priest Father Gabriel Amorth, 85, has carried out more than 70,000 exorcisms.

Doris Miller: Woman was abandoned on a trolley for 28 hours at East Surrey Hospital

Doris, 95, was abandoned on a hospital trolley for 28 hours – and when her son asked where she was, doctors didn't have a clue…Hospital 'lost track' of frail pensioner after she injured her leg in a fallShe was left in a room and forgotten as son frantically searched for herStaff only found her after son threatened to file a missing person report | UPDATED: 00:20 GMT, 30 April 2012 Frightened and alone, 95-year-old Doris Miller lay on her hospital trolley as hour after hour went by, wondering why no one had come to see her.

Madeleine McCann found? Police search in town near Malaga after ‘lookalike’ spotted

Police search for Madeleine McCann in town near Malaga after “lookalike” is spotted”Informant” tips off police about Maddie sighting in Malaga

Steve Carter, 35, discovers he was kidnapped by mother when he was a baby while searching online

“I got chills when I saw it was me”: Man, 35, discovers he was kidnapped by mother as a baby while searching missing persons website