An end to the flu? Oral spray "kills 99.9% of infectious airborne germs"

An end to the flu Oral spray 'kills 99.9% of infectious airborne germs' Halo Oral Antiseptic has been found to be 99.9 per cent effective in killing infectious airborne germsSpray protects from any germs breathed in for six hours | UPDATED: 12:01 GMT, 10 September 2012 The influenza season is a thorn in the side of both employees and employers alike.

One of the drawbacks of living longer: Rates of cancer set to soar as population ages

One of the drawbacks of living longer: Rates of cancer set to double within 20 years as population ages Britain will see surge in tumours affecting the lung, breast, prostate and bowel owing to unhealthy lifestyle factors and an ageing population | UPDATED: 06:59 GMT, 1 June 2012 Old habits die hard: An unhealthy lifestyle – along with the fact that we are all living longer – will contribute to a rise in cancer rates, according to research The number of people suffering cancer will almost double worldwide within the next 20 years because of our unhealthy lifestyle, according to new research.

Millions at risk from fake malaria drugs

'Millions at risk' from fake malaria drugsCounterfeit medicine circulated by criminalsMost products thought to originate from China2009 study finds 450,000 died from fake malaria pills Millions of lives are at risk because of fake and substandard anti-malarial drugs, say experts. Counterfeit medicines circulated by criminals could endanger patients and promote drug resistance among malaria parasites they warned