Conjoined twins: X-ray shows the complicated procedure facing doctors who separated Allison and Amelia Tucker

Shocking x-ray shows the complicated procedure facing doctors who successfully separated conjoined twin girls as they made their debut just days before ChristmasAllison and Amelia Tucker born joined at the lower chest and abdomenGirls are expected to live 'full, healthy and independent lives'Mother Shellie: 'These girls are going to do big things in life!' | UPDATED: 07:56 GMT, 21 December 2012 The incredible X-ray of conjoined twin girls Allison June and Amelia Lee Tucker shows how complicated a surgery the team of doctors had in front of them when they went into the seven-hour surgery.

Almost famous! Student hires own bodyguards, paparazzi and entourage and pranks New York into believing that he is a world-famous celebrity

Almost famous! Student hired own bodyguards, paparazzi and entourage and pranked New York into believing he was a world-famous celebrityStudent Brett Cohen”s 15-minutes of fame was intending to be a social experiment into the public”s fascination with celebritySpent three hours in New York”s Times Square taking three hundred pictures with members of the public who believed that he was a famous actor or singerNever once told people he was famous – only relied on his team to keep saying his nameIronically the New York student is now experiencing slight fame because of his stunt |