Made in China: Motorway collapses 10 months after it is built – but they manage to build world"s largest armchair

China – the country that can make the world”s largest armchair (but where the motorways collapse just TEN MONTHS after being built)Motorway collapse is one of a string of recent transport disasters in China Fears raised over safety standards on country”s road and rail network Tragedy follows unveiling of “world”s largest armchair” in Shanghai

Facebook appeals for living kidney donors are surprisingly successful

How transplant patients are turning to Facebook to appeal for organ donors One appeal site for a young child encouraged more than 600 people to be tested as potential donorsOnly 5 per cent of appeal sites mention medical risks | UPDATED: 11:14 GMT, 24 May 2012 Transplant patients are turning to social networks in ever greater numbers in their desperate search for organs – and appear to be getting results.

London 2012 Olympics: UK at "extreme" risk of flu pandemic

UK at 'extreme' risk of flu pandemic as millions of foreign visitors expected for Olympics 5.3 million extra foreign tourists expected in UK this summerPandemic could spread from visitors from high-risk countries in South-East Asia | UPDATED: 17:30 GMT, 2 April 2012 This summer’s Olympics will increase the already 'extreme risk' of a flu pandemic spreading in the UK, according to a new report.

HIV epidemic driven by colonialism in Africa a century ago

Did colonialism spread HIV through Africa Book links colonialism to spread of HIV'Colonial commerce created massive new networks of sexual interactions,' say authors The HIV epidemic was driven by the colonisation of Africa a century ago, a new book claims.

You have one kidney request: Americans find donors on Facebook

I found a kidney through Facebook: How patients are turning to social networks to save their lives Facebook is the perfect tool for finding old friends, new friends and now it also appears – kidney donors. Social networks are fast becoming a go-to place to find a generous person with a kidney to spare, according to charities. Damon Brown, 38, was one such sufferer who told his story on a special Facebook page under the name 'Damon Kidney.' Second chance: Damon Brown with his wife, Bethany, as they hold their sons Theo, 3, left, and Julian, 5, at their home in Seattle Life-saving: Father-of-two Damon Brown, 38, from Seattle found a donor on Facebook after setting up a page telling his story under the name, 'Damon Kidney' The father-of-two from Seattle, who was looking for a kidney donor with blood type O, knew it was a large ask.