Hangover after the Jubilee weekend? Vitamin drip that Simon Cowell uses could give you a lift

Hangover after the Jubilee weekend Could a vitamin drip that Simon Cowell has used give you a lift – or is it a crazy fad'Party drip' containing cocktail of vitamins is proving popular as quick fix for hangoversRihanna tweeted picture of her arm hooked up to a drip last month, after a night of partyingSimon Cowell admitted using hangover tool last yearCost for being attached to drip is 225 per treatment | UPDATED: 10:29 GMT, 6 June 2012 Lying in a hospital bed, I watch as a nurse inserts an intravenous drip into my left arm.

Imelda May displays pregnancy bump in a tight animal print dress before performing live

Rockabilly baby! A pregnant Imelda May proudly displays her bump in a tight animal print dress before performing live. She may be almost five months pregnant with her first child but that”s not going to stop this rockabilly chick getting her groove on.

The Tango Kid: Boy, 3, is only person in Britain with condition where carrots turn him orange

The boy who turned orange: He’d eaten too many carrots… but at least his future’s bright! The three-year-old is believed to be the only person in Britain to suffer from a condition that means his body cannot digest carotene, which gives foods such as carrots their colour.