Husband"s heartbreak after he is banned from visiting his wife suffering from Alzheimer"s in hospital

Husband's heartbreak after hospital bans him from visiting his wife suffering from Alzheimer's Ray Butcher says he has not been allowed to visit wife Carole for six monthsHe says hospital staff told him to stay away but does not know the reason Says his wife remembers him but fears her condition is making her confused Says is 'morally abhorrent' he cannot see her in her final months By Anna Hodgekiss PUBLISHED: 13:15 GMT, 5 February 2013 | UPDATED: 13:27 GMT, 5 February 2013 A husband has spoken of his heartbreak at being banned from visiting his wife in hospital where she is being treated for Alzheimer's disease.

Slaughter of the rhinos: Four animals found dead with their horns hacked off by poachers

Slaughter of the rhinos: Four animals found dead with their horns hacked off by poachersFour rhinos poisoned and dehorned in in Eastern Cape, South AfricaFour rhinos shot and dehorned in Assam, northeastern India.Two rhinos in the Indian attack dead | UPDATED: 20:36 GMT, 27 September 2012 Four rhinos have been slaughtered for their horns at a reserve in South Africa, it emerged today.

Too fat for slimming class… woman who was turned away from NHS programme because

The woman who was too fat for slimming class: Grandmother's anger as NHS tells her she need to lose weight to join diet scheme Belinda Clayton applied to weight-loss scheme through her GP but was told she was too heavy to take partLocal PCT said initiative was a pilot scheme and they had restricted entry to those with a BMI of 30 to 35 – Mrs Clayton's measurement was 35.07Mrs Clayton described the decision to exclude her as 'bonkers'She will now pay for Slimming World sessions instead | UPDATED: 15:18 GMT, 1 October 2012 Determined: Belinda Clayton from Binchester, wanted to join the 'weigh-less scheme' after it was recommended by a friend A grandmother-of-two has spoken of her outrage after she was turned down by an NHS weight loss programme because she was ‘too fat’.

Not very Progressive… Insurance company defends driver’s killer in court

“My dead sister paid for Progressive to defend driver who killed her”: Brother”s outrage at insurance company”s efforts to avoid paying claim. A brother has called out at an insurance company after it paid for lawyers to defend the negligent driver who killed his sister to avoid paying out on her policy in full.

Andrew Scott: Outrage as police shoot and kill the wrong man in hunt for attempted murder suspect

Outrage as police shoot and kill the wrong man in hunt for attempted murder suspect, after showing up unannounced in the middle of the night | UPDATED: 19:30 GMT, 16 July 2012 An innocent man was shot dead by police after deputies mistook him for an attempted murder suspect.

Claire Lomas: Paralysed woman completes London Marathon in bionic suit

Give Claire a medal! Tim Henman leads calls for organisers to reward paralysed marathon ace who finished Marathon in 16 days… as she raises 130,000£ for charity

AshleyMadison Offers $1 Million To Prove Tim Tebow Is NOT A Virgin

While the rest of us are innocently mulling over who Tim Tebow is treating to Broadway plays, an incredibly sleazy dating service is sinking to new lows with its determination to rat out anyone who can prove they’ve slept with Tebow, a self-professed virgin and devout evangelical Christian.