NHS diabetes care "lottery": Thousands could face blindness, strokes and death because of variations in treatment

1m an hour 'lottery' of NHS diabetes care: Thousands face complications including blindness, strokes and even death because of 'shocking' variations in treatmentFailures are leading to premature deaths according to Parliamentary groupAlmost half of sufferers not getting nine recommended annual checks By Jenny Hope PUBLISHED: 01:31 GMT, 20 March 2013 | UPDATED: 11:21 GMT, 20 March 2013 Thousands of people with diabetes are being failed by ‘shocking variations’ in NHS treatment, warn MPs.

Poorly-trained GPs fail to spot dementia: Patients waiting five years or more for diagnosis

Poorly-trained GPs fail to spot dementia: Patients waiting five years or more for diagnosis Some GPs say they have only been given basic training about illnessReport states that without proper diagnosis thousands are left feeling 'isolated' By Sophie Borland Health Reporter PUBLISHED: 23:36 GMT, 2 July 2012 | UPDATED: 23:38 GMT, 2 July 2012 Family doctors are failing to spot dementia in the elderly because their training is so inadequate, MPs warn today.

UK patients are suffering as cheap medicines are sold to Europe for profit, MPs warn

Cheap NHS prescription medicine is being sold to Europe for profit, putting British patients at risk, MPs warn Speculators can legally export drugs from UK to EU – even if it causes shortages in BritainAffected patients include those with mental health problems, diabetes, epilepsy and difficult pregnancies | UPDATED: 10:18 GMT, 15 May 2012 Patients are suffering because NHS prescription medicines meant for the UK are being sold abroad for profit, a Parliamentary group has warned.

NHS tourism: Health system open to abuse from foreigners and risks becoming "world health service", campaigners warn

'The world health service': 'Lax' NHS open to abuse from foreigners, campaigners warn Government has written off 35million of free treatment for health tourists over the last eight years | UPDATED: 08:13 GMT, 30 April 2012 No national standard: Mr Burns admittecd it was up to each GP whether to register a foreign national on a six-month visitor's visa GPs have too much freedom to register sick foreigners who may not be entitled to expensive British healthcare, campaigners said today.