Distressed war veteran, 94, left in blood-soaked pyjamas for FIVE HOURS by “exceptionally busy” A&E department

A hero humiliated: Hospital left veteran, 94, in bloody pyjamas for FIVE hoursRod Gray was taken to Ipswich Hospital after falling over at home Had split his head open was suffering from shock and a head injury His family claim he was left alone, needing the toilet and in distress Mr Gray said he felt 'humiliated' by lack of dignity with which he was treatedThe hospital says it was very busy that evening but it is investigating By John Stevens PUBLISHED: 12:19 GMT, 12 March 2013 | UPDATED: 01:20 GMT, 13 March 2013 An elderly war hero was left sitting in a casualty department in his blood-soaked pyjamas for more than five hours while he waited to be seen by a doctor.

Cowboy lessons help wounded soldiers on road to recovery

Cowboy lessons help wounded soldiers overcome the physical and mental toll of war Servicemen and women learn how to ride Western style, as well as how to herd on a rangeCourse boosts confidence and gives soldiers the time to think about their futures | UPDATED: 11:01 GMT, 20 August 2012 A horse riding charity is helping wounded British soldiers to cope with their injuries – by teaching them cowboy skills.

Tragic brothers, 39 and 42, suffering from "Benjamin Button syndrome" have regressed to the age of 10

Tantrums and tragedy: Brothers, 39 and 42, suffering from 'Benjamin Button syndrome' regress to the age of 10Brothers have terminal leukodystrophy – it is so rare there are only 100 people affected in the whole of the UK | UPDATED: 13:46 GMT, 30 April 2012 Two brothers have developed an age-reversing disease, which has abruptly halted their adulthood and instead leaves them behaving like young children.