Manmade climate change is driving outbreak of tummy bugs in Europe, claim scientists

Manmade climate change may be driving tummy bug outbreaks in Europe, claim scientists Vibrio bacteria, which is normally found growing in warm and tropical waters, now thrives in the Baltic Sea Bacteria strains will multiply as seas warm, predict researchers The bacteria causes illnesses from cholera to gastroenteritis | UPDATED: 09:55 GMT, 23 July 2012 Tummy troubles: There is increasing concern that climate change may be driving bacterial waterborne infectious diseases Climate change is driving the growth of a group of water-borne bacteria in northern Europe that can cause illnesses from cholera to gastroenteritis.

Revealed: The stunning images which show how Europe wastes energy and pollutes light while Africa, South America and much of Asia is in darkness

From shimmering cities to the dark side of the world: Stunning satellite images which show how we use light and energy. At night, London is a burning bright spot, consuming enough energy to power Ireland with its light show.

The “Icarus” spacecraft: Mystery as Nasa sun-watching satellite captures “UFO” surfing the hellish surface of the sun

Did Nasa satellite capture giant UFO surfing the hellish surface of the sunObject sems to be alien “craft” with jointed metal armsAppeared in footage from Nasa”s sun-watching SOHO satelliteUFO-watchers hail find as evidence of alien “visitors” A strange object flying close to the sun looks unnervingly like a huge, metallic “mothership” familiar from Hollywood blockbusters.