The teenager sure to be in Santa"s good books after giving CPR to save her little brother"s life

The teenager sure to be in Santa's good books after giving CPR to save her little brother's life Courtney, 13, realised her three-year-old brother had experienced a seizure and had stopped breathingHer mother Kim said Courtney calmly performed CPR while she had panickedCourtney managed to revive Lucas after 20 minutes of chest compression and mouth-to-mouth | UPDATED: 17:19 GMT, 24 December 2012 Meeting Father Christmas is a wonderful experience for any child, but it was extra special for teenager Courtney and her little brother Lucas.

My sister"s cervical cancer was misdiagnosed 30 times: mother-of-four wrongly told she was suffering from anxiety

'I'm dying': Harrowing screams of a mother, 33, filmed by her family after doctors missed cancer THIRTY TIMES Jeannine Harvey was told the agonising pain she suffered for four months was due to 'nerve pain and anxiety'Family begged doctors to admit her to hospital but were 'ignored' Only diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer three months before she diedRelatives filmed her a month before death to prove just how ill she'd been – and have now released the footage Family suing Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust for negligence By Anna Hodgekiss PUBLISHED: 10:07 GMT, 10 October 2012 | UPDATED: 00:47 GMT, 11 October 2012 Jeannine Harvey had more than 30 medical consultations, but doctors repeatedly told her she was suffering with 'anxiety' from a suspected torn ligament A mother of four died after doctors missed 30 chances to diagnose her cervical cancer – at one point claiming her agony was caused by anxiety.

Heartbeat star Jason Durr: Egg donor picked from an IVF clinic brochure is now one of our family

One of our family: Heartbeat star Jason Durr and his wife reveal how a stranger they picked from an IVF clinic brochure became a much-loved 'egg mummy' to their twins | UPDATED: 08:55 GMT, 23 June 2012 Actor Jason Durr and his wife Kate looked on encouragingly as their toddler twins, Velvet and Felix, tentatively surveyed the young American visitor smiling at them.

Schoolboy Joby Graves helps deliver his brother then saves newborn"s life

A mini-midwife aged just FIVE! Schoolboy Joby helps deliver his brother then saves newborn's life by untangling cord from round his neckSon Joby only person on hand, but he proved a cool head under pressureComforted his mother then stepped in when his brother wasn't breathingKelly: 'He was absolutely fantastic and I completely underestimated him' | UPDATED: 16:08 GMT, 14 June 2012 When Kelly Graves went into sudden labour at home, she must have been just a little concerned that the only person to hand was her five-year-old son, Joby.