Man, 20, with muscle-wasting disease starts gardening business after attaching a lawnmower to his wheelchair

Man with terminal muscle-wasting disease attaches a LAWNMOWER to his wheelchair to start up his own business Simon 'has a hell of a strong character', says his proud father Simon's older brother Adam died from the same condition – Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – when he was 14 | UPDATED: 15:01 GMT, 10 July 2012 Simon Wakelin, 20, has attached a lawn mower to the front of his wheelchair to earn money An enterprising young man who can’t walk has become his village’s favourite gardener after rigging up a lawnmower to his wheelchair.

Teacher who has been in coma for 10 months starts CRYING after he hears fiancee"s voice down phone held to his ear

Teacher who has been in coma for 10 months starts CRYING after he hears fiancee's voice on phone held to his earMathew Taylor, 31, has been unconscious since horrific motorbike crashTears were first signs of life following accident in Bali last JulyFamily had to raise 100,000 to have him treated there then flown home Fiancee Anda Nurul, 27, was forced to leave him in British hospital after her visa ran out Doctors had told his family he might never wake up | UPDATED: 15:35 GMT, 7 June 2012 A teacher who has been in a coma for 10 months has shown the first signs of recovery – he began to cry on hearing his fiancee's voice on the telephone.

IVF by CCTV: Britain"s first baby is born using fertility treatment which monitors embryo with cameras and spots problems early

The 'magical' IVF by CCTV technique that allowed this couple to watch on a monitor their baby's first moments as an embryo Another 74 women are pregnant thanks to the Embryoscope used at a Manchester clinic | UPDATED: 00:32 GMT, 21 April 2012 A couple who were told it would be ‘virtually impossible’ for them to conceive have had a baby with the help of a pioneering IVF technique – an incubator with built-in CCTV.

Chlamydia is a "cunning" STD that easily evolves into new strains, reveal scientists

Chlamydia is a 'cunning' STI that easily evolves into new strains, discover scientists More than 150,000 people aged under 25 in England tested positive for chlamydia in 2010 Study provides insight into how chlamydia avoids the human immune system | UPDATED: 10:12 GMT, 12 March 2012 Warning: More than 150,000 adults aged under 25 were diagnosed with chlamydia in 2010 alone Chlamydia – the world's most common sexual infection – is a more cunning and highly evolved bacterium than thought, scientists say.

Fat-zapping wand that vaporizes the pain of dodgy knees

Fat-zapping wand that vaporizes the pain of dodgy knees It was recently reported that six out of ten women over 50 have knee pain — either with exercise or just climbing stairs. But it also affects younger people of both sexes. Simon Evans, 21, a biology student, from Epping in Essex, had a new procedure to relieve the pain

Teenagers admit going too far sexually while drunk

Teenagers admit going too far sexually while drunk, leading to pregnancies and spread of diseases Alcohol is fuelling an epidemic of ‘risky sex’ among teenagers, senior doctors warned yesterday. Many youngsters admit going ‘further than intended’ while drunk, according to the Royal College of Physicians. In a report, the college said excessive drinking and sex was a ‘cocktail’ for teenage pregnancies and infections