An end to the flu? Oral spray "kills 99.9% of infectious airborne germs"

An end to the flu Oral spray 'kills 99.9% of infectious airborne germs' Halo Oral Antiseptic has been found to be 99.9 per cent effective in killing infectious airborne germsSpray protects from any germs breathed in for six hours | UPDATED: 12:01 GMT, 10 September 2012 The influenza season is a thorn in the side of both employees and employers alike.

Measles cases "double in a year" following major outbreaks

Measles cases 'double in a year' following two major outbreaks There are ongoing serious outbreaks in Merseyside and SussexSmall number of cases in travelling communities | UPDATED: 16:23 GMT, 24 August 2012 The number of cases of measles has almost doubled in the past year following two major outbreaks, health officials have revealed.

Drink a day for pregnant women "won"t harm baby"

A drink a day for pregnant women 'will NOT harm unborn baby's development' | UPDATED: 00:34 GMT, 20 June 2012 The study is the first significant evidence that occasional binge drinking in the early stages of pregnancy will not harm a baby Drinking alcohol while trying to conceive or in early pregnancy – even the occasional binge – will not harm the baby’s development, research has claimed.

Autistic children should be encouraged to find their "inner voice" to help them cope

Autistic children encouraged to find their 'inner voice' may cope better with daily life, finds study Autistic children find it difficult to develop inner speech skills which could explain why they display some repetitive behaviours Difficulty: Poor communication skills are a core feature of autism spectrum disorder (model) Teaching children with autism to 'talk things through' in their heads may help them solve tricky day-to-day tasks and could increase the chances of them living independent lives when they grow up, say scientists.

Not just a stroppy toddler: Doctors find new syndrome which makes children unable to cope with ANY demand

Has your child got Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome New condition “makes children unable to cope with ANY demand” All parents will be familiar with the frustration of trying to pacify a disobedient toddler from time to time. However, doctors have discovered some children have a condition which means they are unable to cope with any sort of demand. Little is know about Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome (PDA) at present, but experts believe the reported numbers of sufferers is just the tip of the iceberg, in a report by The Times