Nipple tattooing: The rise of "Tittooing" for women desperate for perfect nipples

The rise of 'Tittooing': Women desperate for perfect nipples are having them TATTOOED onNot content with perfectly shaped breasts, women now want nipples tattooed to add colour and definitionProcedure was originally used for patients who'd had reconstructions after breast cancer surgery But medical experts warn that the procedure should only be carried out by a qualified medical tattooist By Rachel Reilly PUBLISHED: 14:41 GMT, 17 April 2013 | UPDATED: 14:47 GMT, 19 April 2013 First there were tattooed brows for striking eyes and then came vajazzles for sparkling nether regions.

Scientists discover 21 new genes affecting cholesterol, paving the way for targeted drugs

Scientists a step closer to preventing heart attacks as they identify high cholesterol genes Largest-ever genetic study of cholesterol gives insight into those most at risk of heart diseasePaves the way for personalised drugs and treatments | UPDATED: 16:50 GMT, 11 October 2012 Scientists have identified 21 new genes linked to cholesterol levels, further paving the way for dedicated drugs and treatments or heart disease.

Retinoblastoma: Tumour discovered after photos revealed "ghostly white reflection" in newborn"s eye

Baby boy diagnosed with SIX eye tumours after photo reveals 'ghostly white reflection' in newborn's eye Parents were taking lots of pictures of their newborn son when they noticed something different Father said: 'Sometimes you get red eye in the photos but this looked almost like a hole in his eye'Little Romero was diagnosed with a big tumour behind his left eye and five smaller ones behind his right eyeChemotherapy and laser treatment have removed the smaller tumours and reduced the big tumour in size | UPDATED: 09:34 GMT, 3 October 2012 Among the dozens of photos that proud parents Curtis and Leonie Norville were taking of their newborn son, one in particular stood out.

Fifty Shades of Grey: Christian Grey photofit has Patrick Dempsey’s eyes and Brad Pitt’s jaw

Is THIS what Christian Grey looks like Photofit reveals the face of Fifty Shades of Grey”s fantasy man (and he has Patrick Dempsey”s eyes and Brad Pitt”s jaw) Scientists used police e-fit technology to create image using famous names collected in a poll of Fifty Shades readersHousewife”s fantasy has echoes of Jonny Wilkinson and Gavin Henson

Not just a stroppy toddler: Doctors find new syndrome which makes children unable to cope with ANY demand

Has your child got Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome New condition “makes children unable to cope with ANY demand” All parents will be familiar with the frustration of trying to pacify a disobedient toddler from time to time. However, doctors have discovered some children have a condition which means they are unable to cope with any sort of demand. Little is know about Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome (PDA) at present, but experts believe the reported numbers of sufferers is just the tip of the iceberg, in a report by The Times