Doctors warn travellers of vaccine shortages for the potentially deadly typhoid fever

Doctors warn travellers of vaccine shortage for deadly typhoid fever Shortage follows a recall by one pharmaceutical company of 88 per cent of its typhoid vaccine stock in OctoberTyphoid fever occurs mostly in developing countries in areas with poor sanitationProves fatal in up to 30 per cent of cases if left untreated | UPDATED: 11:55 GMT, 26 December 2012 Holidaymakers escaping the British winter to exotic climes may struggle to get immunised against typhoid, doctors have warned.

Hundreds of GP"s surgeries "are too cramped and not fit for purpose"

Hundreds of GP’s surgeries ‘are too cramped and not fit for purpose’ Some found to have inadequate heating and insufficient easy-access facilities for elderly or disabled patientsKings Fund report said 'major' improvements were needed to cope with higher patient numbers | UPDATED: 07:56 GMT, 6 December 2012 Hundreds of doctors’ surgeries are too cramped and ‘not fit for purpose’, a report warns.

"I feel like an experiment": Doctors grow new ear on woman"s arm in pioneering medical procedure

'I feel like an experiment': Doctors grow new ear on woman's arm in pioneering medical procedureAfter doctors removed her left ear in 2010 to battle aggressive skin cancer Sherrie Walter was left deaf and disfiguredSurgical team at Johns Hopkins Hospital offered her the chance to have a new ear re-grown using cartilage from her ribsThe plan was unusual because facial and neck skin is used in ear reconstruction – Walter didn't have enough because of her previous surgeries and doctors chose to use the skin of the forearm as an alternativeWalter's new ear was fitted in March 2012 and she is now undergoing cosmetic procedures to contour the ear into an acceptable shape By James Nye PUBLISHED: 18:05 GMT, 27 September 2012 | UPDATED: 07:00 GMT, 28 September 2012 For the past two years Sherrie Walter has been unwilling to pull her hair into a ponytail and unable to wear a pair of matching earrings after surgery to deal with an aggressive form of skin cancer.

Aggers: The crippling hand condition that"s been my biggest test

The voice of cricket Jonathan 'Aggers' Agnew: The crippling hand condition that's been my biggest testJonathan Agnew suffers from Dupuytren’s contracture The sufferer's connective tissue under the skin of the hand contracts pulling the fingers inwards'Aggers' has has eight surgeries on his hand | UPDATED: 21:00 GMT, 25 August 2012 Dupuytren's contracture: BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew has had eight operations to his hand Despite eight operations, the BBC’s ‘Voice of Cricket’, Jonathan Agnew, remains plagued by a crippling condition of the fingers that, untreated, could have led to amputation.

Thousands of over-75s "are being denied statins by GPs" that could prevent heart attacks and strokes

Thousands of over-75s 'are being denied statins by GPs' that could prevent heart attacks and strokes Researchers believe doctors are worried about the possible side-effects | UPDATED: 00:00 GMT, 13 July 2012 Thousands of the elderly are being denied vital drugs that could prevent heart attacks and strokes, scientists claim.

Doctors" strike: GPs will still be paid as 1.25m appointments are cancelled

Doctors will still be paid 430 on the day they strike as 1.25m appointments are cancelledAt least 40 per cent of doctors expected to strikeDispute is over doctors receiving a pension of 68,000At least nine of the 50 primary care trusts in England won't cut GPs' payThey include Buckingham and Oxfordshire, Bristol, Berkshire, DerbyshireNHS Stockport said it would find it too difficult to calculate any deductions | UPDATED: 06:41 GMT, 19 June 2012 Thousands of family doctors will be paid despite striking on Thursday.

Ten-minute Alzheimer"s test to spot disease in earliest stages before brain is badly damaged

Ten-minute Alzheimer's test to spot disease in earliest stages before brain is badly damaged | UPDATED: 23:05 GMT, 21 May 2012 A ten-minute memory test that picks up Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia in their earliest stages is available for use in GPs’ surgeries from today.

More wet weather could spark outbreak of asthma attacks, healthcare expert warns

More wet weather 'could spark outbreak of life-threatening asthma attacks' Heavy rain stirs fungal spores such as alternaria, which can cause serious attacks | UPDATED: 07:09 GMT, 8 May 2012 Life-threatening asthma cases will rocket this summer if the record-breaking rainfall continues, a leading healthcare expert has warned.