Doctors DO feel your pain – and feel better when treatment works

Doctors DO feel your pain, brain scans reveal – and they feel better when the treatment works Doctors had brain scans as they saw patients in apparent pain before treating themRevealed brain regions activated that commonly light up when experiencing pain and relief directlyEmpathetic doctors more likely to feel rewarded 195a.html” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”> Molecular Psychiatry.

Woman ends up with part of a dentist"s drill in her LUNG after swallowing it during surgery

Woman ends up with part of a dentist's drill in her LUNG after swallowing it during surgery The unnamed woman in her 60s was having dental implants when the incident occurredThe drill head came loose from the surgeon's grip and fell into her mouthDoctors tried to sit her up, but she had already swallowed it 1228/#.UOLNTKp-59E” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”> The Local, an English language newspaper in Sweden.

MMR takeup nearly back to levels before autism scare

MMR uptake levels finally recover from autism scare triggered 14 years ago Nine in 10 children under the age of two received the first dose of the triple vaccine between 2011 and 2012Figures still fall short of 95% target from World Health OrganisationUptake varies from 86.1% in London to 93.5% in Hampshire By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 13:32 GMT, 27 November 2012 | UPDATED: 13:37 GMT, 27 November 2012 The proportion of children having the MMR jab is at its highest level for more than a decade, figures show.

Black Friday sales 2012: Are you a Trend-Hunter, a Lone Raider or a Family Pack?

Are you a Trend-Hunter, a Lone Raider or a Family Pack: The three main types of shoppers hitting the Black Friday sales | UPDATED: 17:24 GMT, 23 November 2012 The prospect of hitting the shops after a huge Thanksgiving dinner might sound like hell to many people.

Myeloma: Caring grandfather who wrote "Keeping Your Sense of Tumour" book about his battle with cancer dies

Caring grandfather who laughed at terminal cancer by writing book 'Keeping Your Sense of Tumour' dies Mr Blackburn, was diagnosed with cancer of the bone marrow four years agoDecided to write a humorous book about his experiences Describes seeing in the New Year in a theatre 'though perhaps not the kind of theatre I would ideally have chosen' Added: 'You can only get away with joking about cancer if you actually have it yourself'Brave grandfather died on Saturday | UPDATED: 15:00 GMT, 27 September 2012 A librarian who vowed to laugh in the face of terminal cancer by writing a comedy book has lost his battle against the illness.

How that free bus pass can help keep the over-60s fitter by promoting good health

How that free bus pass can help keep over-60s fitter: Pensioners who use perk walk more and have lower risk of heart disease Study says over-60s who use pass take more exerciseThis in turn gives them better mobility and strengthComes as Cameron faces pressure to scrap free travel By Steve Doughty PUBLISHED: 23:33 GMT, 20 September 2012 | UPDATED: 06:34 GMT, 21 September 2012 Free bus passes are spreading good health among older people, a report by scientists said yesterday.

Pets were being “killed with kindness” by their owner because they’re too fat to walk

The sausage (roll) dog: Pet that”s too fat to walk rescued from owners who were “killing it with kindness”Dachsunds were taken in by animal charity when elderly owner was no longer able to take care of them. This porky pair of pedigree bums have been placed on a strict diet after becoming so podgy their rolls of fat touched the ground when they tried to walk.

Man paralysed from waist down becomes top martial arts instructor – after gaining a black belt in kickboxing

Man paralysed from the waist down becomes a top martial arts instructor – after gaining a black belt in kickboxing Carl Hodgetts was born with spina bifida, which left him paralysed from the waist down Gained black belt by using his arms and hands instead of his feet to 'kick' opponentsUsed his skills to defend a woman from an attack in a pub | UPDATED: 00:15 GMT, 14 August 2012 A country ranger who is paralysed from the waist down has defied the odds to become a top martial arts instructor – after gaining a black belt in kickboxing.