Baby who suffered a huge stroke after getting a clot in the brain aged two weeks makes a miracle recovery

Baby who suffered massive stroke after 'ticking time bomb' blood clot burst in brain makes miracle recovery Jacob was born with a group of malformed blood vessels in his brain, which burst when he was two weeks oldParents could only watch and wait as surgeons battled to save him.

Mother told to consider aborting her baby three times after doctor misread scan refuses and has healthy daughter

I refused to give up on her: Mother has healthy daughter despite being told THREE times by doctor to abort her Ms Chilvers had to wait an agonising five weeks before a second scan revealed her baby was healthy | UPDATED: 12:23 GMT, 13 July 2012 A mother who said she was told to have an abortion three times has described her relief after she gave birth to a healthy girl.

PIP breast implants have caused hair loss and insomnia for Andrea Hayman

'My breasts are ticking time bombs': Mother reveals PIP implants have caused hair loss and insomnia | UPDATED: 15:31 GMT, 9 March 2012 Sufferer: Andrea Hayman said she would never have had breast implants if she had realised what the consequences would be A mother has suffered insomnia and hair loss after both of her breast implants ruptured – causing toxins to leak into her body.

Kat Heriot Maitland left blind and in a wheelchair at just 28 after a stroke

Timebomb that left Kat blind and in a wheelchair at just 28: A mother”s moving account of a disorder that affects one in 100 Just over a year ago, Kat Heriot Maitland’s life seemed blessed. Beautiful and intelligent, she was happily married with a gorgeous baby son, Louis, and running a thriving events management business. Then, on the morning of September 7, her life changed for ever