Fiona Luscombe, 23, has double mastectomy after finding she has breast cancer gene that killed her mother and grandmother

Nursery worker, 23, with cancer gene has double mastectomy after disease killed mother and grandfather Fiona Luscombe, from Plymouth, feared she would also succumb to BRCA2 gene which increases risk of cancer 'I grew up with cancer and I just couldn't risk it' she said | UPDATED: 14:04 GMT, 28 November 2012 Aged just 23, beautiful and engaged to be married – Fiona Luscombe shouldn't have a care in the world.

BBC reporter Fergal Keane Return To Forgotten Britain

Bravo for Britain! BBC reporter Fergal Keane says revisiting the deprived families he met for a series 12 years ago filled him with hope | UPDATED: 22:00 GMT, 23 November 2012 Nearly 13 years ago I set out on a journey around Britain for the BBC, filming some of the most hard-pressed citizens of the nation.

It"s true: Chocolate DOES taste better when you"re on a diet

It's true: Chocolate DOES taste better when you're on a dietScientists prove a sneaked treat always tastes betterSubjects who were made to feel guilty before 'naughty food' enjoyed it moreIt is because 'pleasure triggers guilt' and vice versa<br> <p> | <strong>UPDATED:</strong> 12:24 GMT, 23 November 2012 </p> <br><p>There are few pleasures greater than guiltily abandoning the diet and tucking into a naughty slab of chocolate cake, or mountain of chips.

Empire State Building shooting: Two people shot dead and multiple others injured

Shootout at the Empire State: Nine bystanders hit in crossfire as cops gun down sacked Manhattan fashion worker who killed bossJeffrey Johnson, 58, shot ex-boss Steven Ercolino, 41, three times outside former workplace near New York City skyscraper Gunman was wearing smart grey suit and carrying briefcase Ran off but was chased by construction worker who alerted police When Johnson aimed gun at police, officer shot him deadNine injured in gunfire – some might have been hit by police bulletsNeighbour: Shooter was always alone but “he was the nicest guy” Rush-hour ruckus took place in heart of New York City at the height of summer when area was swarming with tourists and workers

Donkey walks for the first time in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, after vets fit casts to her legs

Not so wonky donkey: Ass walks for the first time after vets put pink casts on her legsFoal was born prematurely, meaning her legs had not fully developedVets fitted the casts to help support her weight until they are strong enough to hold her up. This little donkey must be tickled pink that she has finally been able to take her first steps.

Having one standard hospital chart "could save thousands of lives a year"

Having just one standard hospital chart 'could save thousands of lives a year' Currently more than 100 different types of charts to monitor patients in the UKOne standard chart would help nurses and doctors when they move hospitals | UPDATED: 01:44 GMT, 27 July 2012 New gold standard: Professor Bryan Williams said the new chart could potentially transform patient safety in UK hospitals Thousands of hospital deaths could be prevented if doctors and nurses used a standardised bed chart, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) said.

Woman desperate to become mother died in botched operation designed to help her have children

Woman desperate to become mother died in botched operation designed to help her have children Surgeons accidentally cut into Mrs El Nahas' bowelShe fatally inhaled vomit after becoming sick from the bile seeping from the wound | UPDATED: 10:12 GMT, 25 June 2012 A woman desperate to become a mother died after a surgeon cut open her bowel during a procedure aimed at helping her to have children.

Dear mum, don’;t cry but I’m dying: Fury over school’s creative writing assignment that left a mother distraught

“Dear mum, don”t cry but I”m dying”: Fury over school”s creative writing assignment that left a mother distraughtWesley Walker, 14, told to write “expressive” note in creative writing classHis parents brand exercise “sick” and “inappropriate”

Children"s charity worker blames hospitals "human error" for death of her unborn baby after sent home despite bleeding

Charity worker blames hospital's 'human error' for death of her unborn baby after she is sent home despite bleeding The couple lost their son Edward in the 37th week of pregnancy | UPDATED: 14:36 GMT, 13 June 2012 Mrs Seamons lost her baby in the 37th week of pregnancy.